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優良的品質鑄就成功的品牌。層層保障,道道把關,一絲不茍是我們貫穿產品全過程的質量理念。我們從鞋底入手,自行設計、科學配方,制造出款式不同,功能超強的防滑橡膠鞋底,選用優質皮料,掌握顧客需求,采取硫化模壓、膠粘側縫。 鋼頭定位孔設置以及手工線縫等多種復合工藝,有效提高和保證了本公司產品品質優于同行業水平。目前,本公司產品已全面覆蓋國內冶金、中石化、中石油、汽車制造、機械加工、軍工、電子電氣、交通運輸等行業,進入100多個大中城市和大型廠礦?!坝癖碑a品倍受國際、國內客戶青睞。注冊的“玉杯”商標是“江蘇省著名商標”,企業已被省政府命名為省級“重合同守信用企業”。本公司生產的“玉杯”安全鞋列為中國紡織品協會安全健康防護用品委員會推薦品牌。
穿“玉杯”安全防護鞋 走“健步”人生安全路這是我們攜手共進再創輝煌的主旋律。
Yangzhou Jianbu Shoe Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional shoe-making enterprise with the manufacturing certificate issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision and the safety signs of special labor protection articles issued by the State Administration of Work Safety.
The Company has the qualification of producing special toe-protective shoes (An1, An2), electrical insulation leather shoes (6KV), acid and alkali resistant leather shoes, anti-static leather shoes, puncture proof shoes, oilproof protective shoes, heat resisting shoes (300℃), cold resisting shoes and such multi-functional safety protective shoes. To ensure the high quality of products, the Company is equipped with advanced toe lasting machines, counter lasting machines, gluing pipelines, as well as the perfect testing facilities for electrical insulation, anti-static property, oilproof performance, impact resistance, static pressure, tensile force and flexibility. Now, its annual production capacity of labor protection shoes reaches 1.5 million pairs. Both in brand awareness and in production-sale comprehensive indicator, the Company claims to be a leader of this industry in Jiangsu Province.
A successful brand is accomplished by top quality. When we make products, every process is filled with our due intelligence and scrupulous precision. By independent design and scientific experiments, we work out non-skid rubber soles with different styles and high functions. The uppers are made of high standard leather, glued to the soles by moulding curing. The setting of steel toe location holes and manual stitching process guarantee the industry-leading technology of the labor protection shoes of the Company. Now, the products are widely used in metallurgy, Sinopec, PetroChina, automobile, machining, military industry, electron and electric, and transportation industries distributed in more than 100 cities and large-scale mines. The registered trademark of the Company – “Yubei” is the “Famous Mark” of Jiangsu Province and is highly favored by domestic and international customers. Shoes of “Yubei” brand have become the recommended brand products by the Safety & Health Goods Commission of China Textile Association. Meanwhile, the Company is nominated by Jiangsu Provincial Government as “Trustworthy Enterprise”.
Leading technology is crucial for an enterprise’s development. To this end, the Company has successively participated in the revision of Foot Protective Insulation Shoes (GB12011-2009) and such standards about safety shoes and puncture proof shoes. On the update road of safety shoes in China, the Company serves as a flagship. Wearing “Yubei” safety shoes and having the healthy and safe life – this is the theme for our rapid growth and development.



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